Saturday, May 11, 2013


We love our dog.  She has many names: Maggie, Magger Moo, Maggers, Pup, Puppers, Mags.

*She is a very tolerant dog; Hannah is constantly climbing/sitting on her.
*She is a terrible listener and doesn't mind too great.
*She loves to go for walks to the park with us.
*She is terrified of going to the vet.
*She would sleep on our bed if we let her.
*She follows me everywhere.
*She insists on getting her nightly treat the instant the kids are in bed.
*She loves to lay on the patio on cool nights.
*She loves to play frisbee but will not drop the frisbee for anything.
*She pretends to chase squirrels but I really think she secretly likes just watching them.
*She always lays under my chair at meal times.
*Once you start petting her, it's a sin to stop.
*She fits in well with the family; she likes to sleep in.
*She unfortunately has terrible allergies.
*She loves to have 3 pieces of my cereal every morning.
*She is a beautiful dog and we're so happy she's ours.

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