Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Tomorrow is Luke's 5th birthday.  WHOA!!!  I have noticed that at each birthday I am more and more blown away by the speed of the previous year--this year is definitely no exception.  

It usually hits me about the 4th of July because I distinctly remember sitting in a hospital room in a wheelchair on the cancer floor (the best place in the hospital to view fireworks) back in 2008 thinking in a year we will have an almost one year old.  Luke's due date was actually August 18.  Little did I know how soon he would be with us.  

My very first blog post is Luke's birth story.  You can read it here.  There is so much more to that story and how we got to that night but that's a different post.  I had been in the hospital since June 22 because of complications with placenta previa.  I remember on July 9 a friend brought me lunch in the hospital; Troy's parents had just come back into town to keep me company and help Troy out around the house; they brought with them a gift for me, a stuffed golden retriever to keep me company and remind me of Maggie (this puppy is now called yellow doggy and is faithfully at Luke's side every night for bed) and also the play mat we had registered for; we all enjoyed dinner from Panera (I think) and I was in a really good mood.  The good mood part is significant because I had had a rough few days in the hospital and I remember feeling like I was past that and everything was going to work out and be okay.  

That night my life changed forever.  There is something undescribable about seeing your child for the first time and even more so I think when it's your first.  You immediately give a piece of yourself away and know you are living for a greater purpose.  God gives you a glimpse of His awesome power and love and it is humbling to be given such a gift.  

I pray that each year on Luke's birthday (and Hannah's too) that I am able to reflect on the days leading up to and just after Luke's birth and still feel that awe if even for a few moments.  It is obviously seen and felt on a day to day basis just watching them grow up but those first moments and days are a treasure that are never repeated.  Children are an incredible miracle and I am so blessed to have two to give my heart to.  

Happy, happy birthday Munchkin!!!  Mom loves you more than you can know.

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