Saturday, July 6, 2013

Switzerland--Part 1

Troy and I had a wonderful time on our trip to Switzerland.  We left May 25 and got back on June 6.  Unfortunately, the weather wasn't too great but we did our best to make the most of it.  Of the 10 days we weren't traveling, 6 days were rainy and cold.  We weren't able to go hiking as much as we had originally planned but found some other fun activities even if it was wet and cold.

We took a massive amount of pictures, close to 1200 actually.  (Yes, we know that's a bit beyond ridiculous.)  The scenery was amazing and stunning and magnificant and breath-taking and just plain awesome!  The food was also fantastic and we really enjoyed it way too much.  I mean cheese and chocolate, you can't go wrong.  

We spent the first four nights in the town of Weggis which is on Lake Lucerne.  Our room had a balcony looking out over the lake and all the surrounding mountains.  It was a magnificent view!  The next six nights we spent in Lauterbrunnen Valley, the valley of the falling water.  We again had a balcony and it looked out toward Staubbach Falls, a 1,000 ft waterfall.  Our last night was in Zurich before we got back on the plane to come home.

I'm not sure how many posts I'll do about our trip.  I'm guessing at a minimum four.  My plan is to do a quick daily summary followed by pictures of the day.  I'm hoping to be able to narrow down the pictures to roughly 10-15 per day.  

And a fun fact, before all the pictures start, for you to put the size of Switzerland into perspective.  The largest extension north to south is 137 miles and the largest extension west to east is 216 miles.  Oklahoma in comparison is 230 miles north to south and 478 miles west to east (although that includes the panhandle).  Switzerland is a very small country!

As I said, we left on May 25.  Our flight left OKC about noon and we flew to Atlanta before our long flight to Zurich (which was delayed about 2 hours out of Atlanta).  Our flight was about 10 hours long--it went by relatively fast.  I was able to sleep for maybe 4ish hours and Troy didn't get much sleep at all.

And now, on to day 1.

Day 1
*Arrive in Zurich about 10 am
*Store our luggage and visit Swiss National Museum in Zurich
*Take train to Lucerne and boat to Weggis to our hotel
*Early dinner (cheese fondue)
*Early to bed
First picture in Switzerland
 Swiss National Museum
 Glad we still have luggage
View from our hotel
Cheese fondue

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