Sunday, February 23, 2014

Solo Tybee Trip

As I mentioned, I was able to go visit my mom and step-dad at the beginning of February for my mom's birthday.  We actually celebrated both of their birthdays since they are only a week apart.

I planned for the visit to be a complete surprise to my mom.  Dick was in on the secret from the beginning.  Unfortunately I messed up and ended up telling her a few days before I left.  My original plan was to call her from the airport and tell her that I was on my way there.  I slipped up when I was taking Hannah to the doctor earlier in the week because I told her I wanted to take H before I left for the weekend.  I was so frustrated with myself!  I couldn't think of a cover story when she asked me where I was going so I just told her I was coming to visit her.  She was WAY excited!  Dick was relieved that I was the one to "ruin" the surprise and not him.

I left late on a Thursday.  It was two days after Atlanta had received their first snow storm.  Of course I was flying through Atlanta.  My flight out of OKC was delayed about an hour and a half and my flight out of Atlanta was also delayed.  I was originally supposed to get into Savannah at 11 but didn't end getting in until about 2:15 am.  We got back to the house about 3.  We were all tired and slept in the next morning.

After we finally got up we went to breakfast.  (I'll just say now that we ate out almost every meal while I was there.  It was wonderful :) )  After we got back, we all went for a bike ride.  We were all surpised to find a bunch of live sand dollars on the beach.  After we got back from our ride, mom and I went for a long walk.  It was a bit chilly but the sun was poking through the clouds a bit.  After being so cold at home for so long it was really nice to enjoy the warmth (it's all relative).  Friday night we went out for pizza and frozen margarita's and then enjoyed some down time at their house.  
Saturday was cold and rainy.  It was a bummer but we made the best of it.  Mom and I ran some errands and managed to get in a short walk before we got ready to go into Savannah for some shopping and dinner.  Savannah is about 35 minutes from Tybee.  We had fun walking around and poking in different shops.  We also enjoyed a fabulous dinner to celebrate the birthday people.  
Sunday was a glorious day.  The sun was bright and the temps were in the upper 60's.  After breakfast, mom and I went for a long walk through town, along the pier and the beach.  After our walk, we all went for another long bike ride.  (This town is great for getting exercise.)  I brought along a towel because I planned to dip my toes in the ocean.  I have to say it was pretty chilly but I couldn't imagine being at the beach and not feeling the water.  On our way home from our ride I suggested riding to another restuarant for lunch.  It was the perfect way to end my trip--sitting on the dock overlooking the back river enjoying a shrimp poboy with only shirt sleeves.  We rode home and then I packed and we headed to the airport.  Thankfully all return flights were on-time.

At one point during the day on Saturday, we were relaxing and each doing our own thing.  Mom asked me if I was okay or if I wanted to do something.  It was lunch time and I was completely happy sitting in my own little world not worrying about anything or anyone but myself.  It's important for us moms to have time by ourselves to recoup and recharge our batteries.  I thoroughly enjoyed my trip and time away.  Thanks to Troy and his parents for taking care of the kids so I could have a break and enjoy time with my mom.

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