Thursday, February 20, 2014

Some Pics

 Being goofy
 For several days around the beginning of January the ducks would all leave the pond and march up the fairway about sundown
 LJ loves to hold H's hand
 Trying out the new ride
 He's found a new tree to climb
 At Target--we found a hat and sunglasses; now she's ready for the beach!
 Love this face!
 She loves her spaghetti!
 First round of snow before it was too cold to go outside.
 Valentine art project
 They love to lay together like this to watch TV
 Another art project
 More snow and sledding
 Hey Mags
 LJ with the two Nicks--they built a ramp at school
 No coats!
 Valentine's Day
 Art with Sarah
 Cheesy snuggles
At the zoo--they just really love being together (makes my heart very happy!)

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