Saturday, November 1, 2014


So we finally had a not so normal day.  I got to go with Luke's class on a field trip to the pumpkin patch.  Our morning routine was the same as it's been all week--get up and ready, get LJ up and ready, wake H right before taking LJ to school, come home for breakfast for H and then take her to school.  I then rushed back to LJ's school to be there in time to ride the bus to the field trip.  Luke was SO super excited about riding the bus for a long time.  I sat with him and one of his friends, Eli.  As it turned out, I was "in charge" of Luke and Eli for the day.  The boys had so much fun running around, swinging, jumping on the hay bales, going on a hayride, using the giant slingshot (probably where we spent the most time), decorating pumpkings for the party craft and having fun snacks and treats.  We also ate lunch which wasn't too exciting but necessary all the same.  Because I was with LJ and wasn't sure if I would make it in time to pick up H, Grammy and PawPaw did that.  They came yesterday afternoon to spend the weekend with us.  I heard it was quite the scene when H saw them at pick up time.  LJ and I got home not long after them and we all went outside for bike riding and playing on the swingset and soccer.  Not surprisingly, the kids wanted to watch Curious George Boo Fest again.  Mom helped me with dinner and after dinner the kids took a bath and shower and then headed to bed.  They both were awake for a bit--LJ's fishtank needed some water to make it not so loud and H had a dirty diaper.  Grammy, Paw Paw and I watch Scandal and then How to Get Away with Murder.  After reading for a bit we went to bed.

Some observations/gratitude:
*LJ is very congested this morning.
*I had fun watching LJ interact with his friends and seeing different parts of his personality that I don't always see.
*I was so glad that I was able to go with Luke on his field trip.
*After spending the day with a bunch of kids, I am so grateful that LJ listens and follows directions (for the most part).

Favorite moment:
Getting to spend the whole day with Luke

Pics Taken: 152

Clean toes in need of a pedicure

Walking into school

One center before the field trip

SO excited to ride on the bus


Corn maze

Dried out corn 

My handsome boy--LOVE HIM


Rope swing



Decorating pumpkins (love how he sits on his left foot all the time)

Hay bale jumping

Shadow selfie

LJ's class

Hammock giggles

Two tired boys on the bus back to school

Grammy picking up H

Riding bikes in the driveway


She insisted on Grammy pushing her

Practicing soccer kick off

Watching Curious George (again)


Grammy brought halloween cupcakes and she had to lick all the icing out of the bowl.

We all like watching the squirrels play outside.

Happy extended family

Happy family

Splash time

He transitioned to showers only over the summer--one more sign of growing up

Sweet pup

So nice to have extra hands to help out

Stretches (she's confined to the office when Grammy is here as she's allergic to cats)

Story time

Story time

All vegged out with our technology

You can't read it very well but mine is the very bottom link (I love this aspect of the project!).

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