Friday, December 19, 2014

December Daily: 7

Troy and I had had this surprise planned since October.  We were really excited for the kids to learn what it was.  Doby, our elf, sort of spilled the beans a little earlier than we wanted but the kids (mostly Luke) was beyond excited that Doby was telling them a secret.  Doby said that the kids needed to be good that morning because he knew we were planning a surprise but he wasn't sure what it was.  Luke couldn't stand not knowing so we gave him clues until he figured out that we were going on a train ride called "The Polar Express" that afternoon.  This was Hannah's first train ride and Luke's second.  Part of the experience included wearing pj's.  The kids wanted to wear their "Christmas jammies" they got for Christmas last year.

Our ride lasted about an hour.  The book was read, we had hot chocolate and cookies, saw the north pole (LJ was super disappointed at this because it was pretty awful as far as imitations go) and we got to meet one of Santa's helpers who handed out a bell to each of the kids.  Overall, it was a fun afternoon even if just a bit cheesy.

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