Sunday, December 21, 2014

December Daily: 8-11

So, I'm obviously a bit behind on this.  There's been a lot going on lately (when is there not in December) and I'm not remembering many details of some of the days gone by.  It is what it is and I know I'll be glad to have what I get down years from now.

December 8
I don't have any pictures from this Monday.  All I remember is that I had my board meeting at FUMC and Hannah came with me (rather than stay with Grandma as usual because she had a dr appt).  It was a nice day and after picking LJ up from school we went to what the kids call "the dinosaur park."  They had a great time chasing each other and enjoying some time outside.  I also enjoyed the sunshine.

December 9
Again no pictures from today.  I had a dentist appointment while the kids were both at school.  I was majorly bummed to learn that I had my first ever cavity :(  It really depressed me.  Not to mention I really don't like the idea of having it filled tomorrow morning.  Blech!

December 10
Another afternoon at the park followed by some bike riding time in the driveway at home.  If I remember correctly, this is the last nice day we've had.  It's been so cloudy and overcast/drizzly for over a week now.  We are all very ready to see the sun!

December 11
No pics today.  Honestly, I don't remember much about this day except that Hannah and I went to Sam's Club after we dropped off LJ at school and then after I dropped her off I ran some more errands before I cleaned out the toys in anticipation of all the incoming toys.

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