Sunday, January 18, 2015

3 Year Old Questionnaire

I decided it would be interesting to see what Hannah had to say when I asked her these questions.

How old are you? Big then laughs a whole bunch
How tall are you? Big and jumps
How much do you weigh? big and strong
What is your favorite toy? baby dolls
Favorite book? puppy one
Favorite movie? Jasmine (Aladdin)
Favorite TV show? Daniel Tiger
Favorite food? picnic
Favorite fruit? strawberries
Favorite snack? fruit snacks
Favorite drink? water
Favorite activity? play babies
Favorite color? pink
Favorite sport? 
Favorite song? dance songs
Favorite animal? giraffe
Favorite game? hungry hippos
Favorite outfit? underwear
Favorite holiday? Hannah's holiday (her birthday)
What do you need in bed when it's time to go to sleep? lot of babies
Best Friend? Luke
When I grow up I want to be? 
Nicknames? HannahBean, Sugar Bean, Beanie, Hannah Banana
Thing I am really good at? 

Some other stats:
Clothing size: 4T although that is probably going to quickly change
Shoe size: 9
Height: 39 1/2" (100% or slightly higher)
Weight: 37 lbs (99%)

The unanswered questions are ones she didn't answer or understand.  Her percentages for height and weight are my estimations based on the CDC growth curve (I forgot to ask at the doctors office).  It's no wonder people think she's older than she really is.

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