Friday, January 23, 2015


It's been a while since I've done a post about random stuff going on in our household.  I wish I could include a few pics but my external hard drive with all my pics on it is acting weird so hopefully that will be fixed soon.  That's also why I haven't done a post about Christmas at all.

Right now:
*It's Friday which is usually a low key day at home.  However, LJ is home from school because he's not feeling too well.  We're hoping the low grade fever goes away and doesn't develop into something more.  I took him to the dr yesterday and even though he's been coughing for over two weeks, his lungs were clear as were his ears.  He is currently upstairs playing with his Star Wars Legos.

*Hannah is laying on the couch in her pj's (Fridays are also usually pj days for her).  She's watching a Curious George movie we got from the library about spring.  We've had the movie for almost 3 weeks and I think she's watched it almost every day.  We all have the numerous songs memorized.

*Troy is at work.  Since it's Friday he'll be home for lunch.  His well is set to spud on Sunday.  It's a huge project and it's causing a bit of stress and anticipation.  We're praying for success!

*I'm obviously sitting here typing out this blog keeping Hannah company.  A fun fact: I got a new phone yesterday.  I was past due and it's nice to have a screen that's not cracked and missing a few small pieces.

*We've all been sick.  Troy has just this week gotten rid of a cough he's had since before Christmas.  I was sick two weekends ago but thankfully mine didn't last too long.  Hannah is on her second round of coughing with congestion.  And LJ as mentioned above.  We are all ready to be well!!!

*The weather has been fantastic and awful.  It's January in OK which means who knows what we'll get.  Monday was in the low 70's (great day to not have school for MLK--we enjoyed a picnic lunch at the park) and yesterday morning there were snow flurries.  

*I've been trying out some healthier recipes this week.  Troy and I both really liked the stuffed portabella mushrooms we had on Wednesday night and everyone liked the turkey meatballs I made last night.  I'm not sure what's on the menu for tonight yet.

*Hannah is full on into the terrible tantrum three's.  It's bad, really bad.  'Nough said.

*LJ is really getting into reading.  It's so much fun listening to him.  He can get frustrasted still but his patience for sounding out words has really increased the last month.

   ~singing constantly
   ~One thing that she has said for a long time and continues to say that I love is, "Mommy, hold her." Which means hold me mom.  There are numerous versions of it too but they all mean she wants me to hold her.  
          "Me hold her."
          "Hold her."
   ~"Let's have a tea party."

   ~playing with his Legos and the noises of battle that go along with it
   ~About 2-3 months ago Luke started calling me Momma rather then Mom.  It's cool.  He says it in the sweetest little voice.
   ~"Mom, I'm too tired."  Almost every single school day morning when it's time to get out of bed.
   ~And of course, "I'm not tired!"  Every single night when it's time for bed.
   ~Before Christmas on the way to school we were listening to the radio.  A commercial came on:
       Lady: "We have everything you could possibly have on your wish list."
       LJ (completely deadpan): "Seriously!  There is NO way you can have everything on my list."
     Oh man!  I died laughing!  It was SO good.

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