Sunday, February 22, 2015

January Events and Happenings

January 6-13: Luke had Curious George for the week from school.  George had many fun adventures with us during the week.
 January 8: Hannah has not been taking the greatest naps at school.  This has happened a couple of times on the way home.
 January 15: There were a few warm, nice days in January.  It was great to be outside!
January 18: Luke asked me all fall if he could play in a leaf pile.  We never really had one so when the kids found this pile they went after it.  Every pic I took is blurry somewhat because they were moving constantly and screaming and giggling in delight.
 January 19: Just being a crazy boy--spider ninja witch cowboy dinosaur
 January 21:  Hannah started gymnastics.  She never wants to have anything done to her hair but I told her she had to have it out of her face for gymnastics.  Oh man, doesn't she look like such a big girl with it all pulled back?!?!?!  It will be no surprise to learn that this girl LOVES gymnastics.  She's really good at somersaults and doesn't have a fear of anything.
 January 23:  We made some Valentine decorations out of tissue paper and contact paper (thank you Pinterest).  It was a fun project for a cold afternoon.
 January 24:  A family trip to the dinosaur museum in Norman a.k.a. The Natural History Museum.  We all had a great time!  Troy and I even learned some interesting facts about fossil displays.  We finished our outing with a trip to Jason's Deli.
 January 25: "I made you a heart, Mommy!"  Man, I love this girl.
 January 26:  Another warm day brought a quick after school trip to the zoo to see the new baby elephant that was born on Hannah's birthday.  We timed it just right because the elephants were heading into their inside pens about 10 minutes after we got there.  We also watched the baby rhino for a bit.
 January 28:  Each Wednesday morning at gymnastics is pure entertainment for me.  Hannah is constantly cracking me up!  Here she was supposed to be jumping on the trampoline and then doing a split in the air.  She never quite mastered jumping straight legged after her first split attempt.
 January 30:  Tea parties are a very important part of the day.
 January 30:  We all went to see "Paddington"--it was Hannah's first time at the movie theater.  Overall, she did fairly well.  The highlight for her was the seemingly endless supply of popcorn.

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