Sunday, March 1, 2015

February Events and Happenings

February 2: Snuggles on the couch with my HannahBean--love it when she'll sit with me for a bit.  It's not a very frequent event nowadays.
 February 4: Gymnastics--she loves it!
 February 6-8: I got to visit Mom and Dick in Tybee for a long weekend.  The weather was a bit cooler than I was hoping for but we still had a great time.  Mom and I walked everyday; we went on a few bike rides; we ate out almost every meal; my aunt Barbara came to visit from South Carolina for a night; and we celebrated Dick's birthday.  Troy's parents came to Edmond to hang out with and help with the kids so we all had a fun weekend.
 February 9:  Luke let me pull out his second tooth and the tooth fairy came again.
 February 11: More gymnastics
 February 11: Troy brought flowers home for Hannah and I.  Hannah thought it was pretty awesome that Daddy brought her some flowers.
 February 12: Snuggles with Dad
 February 13: Despite popular belief, I do not encourage sorting.  I won't claim that it wasn't passed down through my DNA though.
 February 13:  Luke's Valentine Party at school--I was responsible for the craft.  Luke helped me decide on this owl made out of hearts.  I think the kids really enjoyed it.  Luke is swinging with Aubree below.  He may or may not have mentioned that she is his girlfriend.
 February 13: I took the kids to the park to enjoy the nice weather.  Love their smiles on the slide.
 February 13:  Troy and I had a date night.  We went to Big Truck Tacos for dinner before heading to the ballet to see Romeo and Juliet.
 February 17:  She is quickly becoming a puzzle expert.  She did all of these with minimal help from me.
 February 17:  Luke requested we make pizza for dinner.  It was fun letting the kids make their own; Luke even added carrots to his and claimed it was good.
 February 17:  Luke slipped on the hard wood floor and ended up doing a header onto the brick floor.  It was a nasty bump but frozen french toast made it feel better.
 February 20:  The kids had been playing upstairs and then it got pretty quiet (not always a good thing).  Troy went to check on them and discovered that LJ was reading to Hannah.  So, so sweet!
 February 21:  We had another Pinterest party with our friends the LaGroue's and Saenz's.  We did a block stamp painting, created Lego snowflakes, and fingerprint dandelion's.  And of course there were some yummy treats too.
 February 24: A snow day on a Tuesday--we did another block stamp project so Hannah could make one (she was napping during the party).  Luke made another one and I did a much larger one.
 February 27:  Friday mornings are usually pretty chill for Hannah and I.  After breakfast she disappeared upstairs to play.  She was so quiet I checked on her a few times but this is how I found her--reading to her stuffed animals and sorting toys and gathering toys in her room.  She played solo for about two and a half hours.  It was fantastic!

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