Friday, May 15, 2015

February Snow

Okay, it's time to attempt to catch back up with the monthly posting.  When I did February's post I had intended to do a seperate post about the snow we had at the end of the month.  That hasn't happened--until now!  

February 23
It was a Monday.  I was supposed to be helping at Hannah's school with enrollment for next year.  The turnout wasn't as high as expected because it started snowing early in the morning but no schools were canceled.  I got an email from Luke's school saying that we were welcome to come and get our kiddos early if we wanted since the roads were rapidly deteriorating.  Since Hannah was with me, we just left early and went to get Luke about 11.  I'm really glad I didn't have to get out for the rest of the day because the roads got really bad, really fast.  Luke and I really enjoyed watching the snow fall while Hannah napped.  The minute she was awake it was get outside as fast as possible for Luke.  We got all bundled up and headed out.  I have to say that it was COLD!  I don't remember what the temperature was but it was well below freezing.  Hannah was done in 5 minutes.  I distracted her enough that she and I stayed out for about 20 minutes but when she ran to the gate and was screaming to do inside I figured she'd really had enough.  We did have fun making snow angels, swinging and sliding, and making large trails of tracks on the golf course before coming inside.  Luke stayed out for about 15 more minutes and tried to make a snow man but the snow was very dry so it didn't work.
 Running to get to the back door because I told her we were going inside.
This is the snow man, a pile of snow with some stick arms and leaf buttons.

February 24
School was canceled because the roads were still really bad in the morning.  It warmed up fast though and made everything very slushy.  Luke really wanted to go back outside but he waited until Hannah was napping.  By that time, it was slushy enough to put together some actual snowmen.  He then played with our neighbor for a long time.

February 28
This was a Saturday so since I had reinforcements in the form of Dad we went sledding in our old neighborhood with friends.  Both of the kids had a really fun time.  Troy and I also enjoyed the slope although after a few trips down the hill my back was done.  We came home for hot chocolate and spent the rest of the day in our pj's--perfect, snowy Saturday with the family!

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