Wednesday, July 1, 2015

3 1/2 Year Old Questionnaire and More

Hannah's half birthday was a little over a week ago.  I just remembered that I wanted to get her answers to this questionnaire.

How old are you? 3 said like free
How tall are you? 49
How much do you weigh? not taller
What is your favorite toy? i don't know and then when prompted again she said baby doll
Favorite book? my owl
Favorite movie? Cinderella
Favorite TV show? Daniel (Tiger)
Favorite food? macaroni n cheese
Favorite fruit? strawberries
Favorite snack? mix up (trail mix)
Favorite drink? kool aid
Favorite activity? play games
Favorite color? pink
Favorite sport? in there (pointing to the playroom downstairs)
Favorite song? Frozen (Let It Go)
Favorite animal? baby (I said that wasn't an animal and she said penguin)
Favorite game? I don't know (then she said uffalo which LJ interpretted as Hungry, Hungry Hippos)
Favorite outfit? my dress
Favorite holiday? Halloween
What do you need in bed when it's time to go to sleep? baby
Best Friend? baby
When I grow up I want to be? play
Nicknames? HannahBean, Sugar Bean, Beanie, Hannah Banana
Thing I am really good at? I keep whining.  (No joke this was her answer without pause or hesitation of any kind.  More than a little telling :/  )

Some other stats:
Clothing size: 5 (not the toddler 5 but a regular 5!)
Shoe size: 10
Height: 41 1/2"
Weight: 39.5 lbs

Some other info I want to remember:
  squito bugs=mosquito bites
  clip clops=flip flops
  mommy, hold her=pick me up
  my brush teeth=her toothbrush
  no eyes in soap=no soap in her eyes during bath time
  dance on mommy's puter=mom play songs from your computer so I can dance to them

Hannah has a fairly regular schedule these days.  She is up anywhere from 7-8:30.  She is still taking a nap after lunch.  Most days it's about 2 hours long but there are some where it's much shorter and maybe 1 or 2 times a week it's closer to 3 hours.  Luke gave up his nap between 3 1/2 and 4 without warning so I'm curious to see how long Hannah will nap.  Bedtime is very dependent on the days activities and nap length.  She has lights out no later than 8:30 but sometimes as early as 7:15.

When school starts in the fall, she will go three mornings a week, Tuesday through Thursday, with an option to stay for the afternoon.  I'm anticipating doing one afternoon a week to see how she does since there won't be a nap on those days.  

One of our biggest struggles right now is whining and tantrums.  I know this is a trait of most 3 year olds but man it is a big struggle for us--above the norm for sure!  This phase has lasted since about Christmas and there are days when Troy and I just want to pull out our hair.  It's hard for Luke as well because he misses out on some things because of her behavior.  It is unpredictable what will set her off and meltdowns have ruined plans and shifted entire days.  It took us a while to figure out a consequence that has meaning for her as well.  It's going to her room until she calms down (I think it's being alone more than being stuck in her room).  I hesitated on this one because I thought she would destroy her room while in there but so far that hasn't happened.  I am so ready for her to transition out of this stage.  

Hannah is also now sleeping in a big girl bed.  She never really tried too much to climb out of her crib like Luke did and it was easier just to have her contained in her crib when it was time to sleep.  She transitioned well with about 2 weeks of getting out of bed to play but once we started taking away any TV time for the next day she figured out that staying in bed was a good thing.

Hannah is full of life!  
She loves her brother, her baby dolls and being outside.  
She loves to color, draw and be "artsy."  
She holds writing utensils correctly and loves to use scissors.  
We are working on counting, letters and writing her name.
She sings ALL the time and loves to dance.
She would rather wear a dress than shorts and a shirt.
She has gained some independence in playing upstairs alone and with her dollhouse in her room.  Games are starting to be more fun for her; we have a Disney princess cupcake game she really likes.  She is very confident in the swimming pool with her floatie on but wants no part of learning to swim without it.  
Swinging is still her favorite at the playground although she's adding twisting the chains to the fun now.  
She can be super snuggly or want absolutely nothing to do with you.  
She insists on kissing your hand and you kissing hers before bed and putting said hand to your cheek.  About two weeks ago, I tried to incorporate some new "be-be's" (comfort item: cloth diapers) into her collection but she has yet to really even acknowledge they are there.  The old ones are so gross and discolored.  
Eating is usually not a problem for Hannah.  Her favorites include: cheese, mac n cheese, strawberries, tomatoes, corn on the cob, chocolate milk, scrambled eggs, chips when she can have them, and her favorite meat is chicken.  She's still not a huge fan of eating a lot of meat though.

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