Monday, October 26, 2009

So Close!

This past weekend we all went to Topeka to visit Troy's parents and attend a K-State football game. We would have loved to have taken Luke with us to the game but he's still coughing and it was better that he stayed home with Grandma and Grandpa (not that they minded in the least).

On Friday afternoon, Luke didn't take a great nap so he was up playing around while Grandma and I looked on. He had a plastic pumpkin in his mouth that he was holding onto with both hands (which is why I think he walked) and all the sudden he walked by himself all the way across the room- about 15 steps! I was so excited and so was Luke. He did it a couple more times right then and later in the evening to show Dad and Grandpa. Each day for the rest of the weekend he would take about 8-10 steps about 3 times in a row. You could tell how excited and proud Luke was along with those of us watching him.

Last night after we got home, Troy and I were playing with him on the floor and he started walking back and forth between us and we managed to get some pictures. Again, you can see the excitement in his face. I don't think it's going to be too much longer before he's walking everywhere.

In fact, today after lunch he was holding onto a kitchen chair and he just took off. He got about 5 steps before he plopped down but that's the first time he has walked without someone helping him stand beforehand. I'm going to guess that within the next 2 weeks he'll be walking all over. I'll keep you posted :)

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Great shots. Luke looks like he is having a ball.