Monday, October 5, 2009

Tasty Weekend

We had a rather chill weekend. It was what I would consider the first true fall weekend with crisp, cool air, some drizzle and watching lots of football while wearing sweats. Luke enjoyed the down time with both of us on the couch. He seems to be getting a slight cold so he was ever so slightly less happy than normal. His taste buds did enjoy a variety of new treats though.

On Friday night we went to a shrimp boil for Troy's work. I was fully expecting Luke to spit out the bite of shrimp I gave him but he looked at me with a big smile and wanted more. He had a few more bites and then moved on to his chicken. On Saturday, Troy played golf with one of our neighbors. I decided to bake a pizza for lunch and thought Luke should try some. I was thinking he would really enjoy it. I think maybe it was too much bread but he only ate about 8 bites which for his appetite is nothing. Then yesterday, going along with the fall feeling, I fixed grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for lunch. Big hit! Luke ate almost half a sandwich and he had several sips from my bowl of soup. It is good to have easy meals to fix for him other than the pre-made meals from Gerber (they sort of gross me out). He is still very picky about which solid fruits and vegetables he will eat so trying 3 new things and for the most part liking them is a big deal for him. Just for the record, he only likes cantaloupe, bananas, carrots and green beans (if they are hidden well enough). I am very ready to stop buying pureed fruit and veggies for him.

A funny side story. Last week, maybe Thursday night, Luke had a dirty diaper about 20 minutes before bath time and it wasn't worth it to change him before his bath. Troy and I kept holding our noses and saying "peeyou" or telling Luke he was stinky. He caught on very quickly and now any time we say either of those he holds his nose. It is absolutely adorable.



If you could do four posts this good every week, you could get a job as a columnist. I would envy you greatly. In addition to complimenting the high quality of the post, I must say that your art is priceless.

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of Luke holding his nose--can't wait to see him do that in person.

Love, Mom