Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mom's Decision

So, Mom had an appointment on Monday with a different oncologist to get a second opinion. My step-dad and sister also went with her to this one and they all agreed that this doctor was much more thorough and more personable. He also had a different view about what to do than the first doctor. He believes that if Mom does do chemo it would have a 15% benefit versus the 4-9% the other doctor said. The protocol that he is recommending is also quite different than the first doctor. He would like her to do a more aggressive chemo which involves a treatment once every 2 weeks and have a total of 12 treatments. Mom would have to go into the office for 3 hours and then take a pump home for 48 hours. The pump requires that she have a port put in. Based on all of the information she gathered, Mom has decided to do this more aggressive chemo treatment. The doctor believes at her age it is important for her to do it. He also believes that she will tolerate it okay. They will give her anti-nausea meds before each treatment along with having acupucture which the doctor believes will control her nausea well. I pray that he is right. Other side effects include being tired, numbness in her fingertips and a heightened sensitivity to cold. The positive is that she should not loose her hair. Currently, Mom is scheduled to have her port put in on April 29th and should start her chemo treatments the following week, the first week of May. If that schedule holds, she will be done the first week of October which I told her was great because she will be feeling back to normal (hopefully) before the holidays start. Continued prayers for her well being are greatly appreciated. I pray that she will tolerate the treatments well and that all goes well with putting in the port.

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