Monday, April 12, 2010

Recent Pictures

Luke looked so adorable in his tie and vest Easter morning. The only problem was he wouldn't let us take any good pictures of him.
The highlight of our Easter weekend was probably the visit to the Richter Family Farm. Luke absolutely LOVED the cows. He said moo too many times to count. Luke also thought the tractor was pretty cool. The chickens didn't interest him much because they ran away but he did try and talk to them for a bit.
Another egg hunt at Great Aunt Rosie and Uncle Bill's house in Leonardville, KS.
Feeding the geese and ducks with Grandma and Grandpa Johnson at Lake Shawnee. Luke kept saying, "Quack, quack."
Eating a chocolate peanut butter egg- yummy! It was the first time we let Luke eat a piece of chocolate candy. He enjoyed it for a while but eventually spit it out because I think it was too rich for him.
Coloring Easter eggs and then hunting for them- Luke loved both parts of the process. His favorite thing though was dumping all of the eggs out of his basket after he had gathered them all.
Checking out the Easter characters on the Plaza. Luke liked the fountains a whole lot more than the animals.
Trying to figure out how to make the sit-n-spin work.
Eating his first popsicle! It was warm enough March 31 for him to not have a shirt on- amazing!
Shopping with Grammy and Aunt Sarah. There was music playing and Luke was having an awesome time clapping and dancing.

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