Monday, June 14, 2010

Busy, Fun Weekend!

Wow! What a weekend! We were a very busy family this weekend. Saturday morning Troy went to play golf with a coworker and Luke and I went to pick blackberries with Ashley and Benjamin. The boys attempted to pick the berries although neither understood picking only the ripe ones and they both found squishing them to be more fun than putting them in the containers. Benjamin enjoyed eating them but Luke's palate isn't that sophisticated yet apparently. I'll give him credit for trying to eat a couple of them though. I did make muffins with some of the berries yesterday afternoon and Luke gobbled one of those up this morning so he did enjoy some of them in a round about sort of way.

Saturday evening some friends from Houston, the Biery's, stopped to spend the night on their way to Topeka. Nicholas is about a month younger than Luke so the boys had fun playing together. We all went out to dinner and then to the park to run off some extra energy before the boys went to bed. It was fun to catch up with Matt and Amanda.

Sunday afternoon the McBride's joined us to go to a baseball game. Troy had company tickets in the club seats which were great (especially since they were in the shade). We all enjoyed some yummy stadium goodies (Luke ate his 1st baseball stadium hot dog) and attempted to watch the game while entertaining two toddlers. Luke seemed to understand watching the pitcher but the ball was too fast to follow I think. After a few innings, a very nice guy invited us to use his suite. He told Troy that he had kids and understood that no air conditioning and confinement doesn't always work out well and since he was alone he wanted to help us out. We were very grateful and the boys definitely enjoyed running around the suite. After the game, the guys took the boys down on the field to run the bases. Luke did fairly well until he got to home plate. As Troy put it, "He (Luke) decided to bring some of the field home with him. We'll have part of the field with us for about 12 hours or so." Luke grabbed some dirt after tagging home and then decided he would eat it! That's my boy- eatin' dirt!
Ashley also posted a blog about our weekend. There is a great picture of all six of us at the baseball game. If you want to check it out, it's

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