Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Okay, not that I have any blog stalkers or anything but for those of you who may wonder in the next few days why there aren't any new posts there's a perfectly logical explanation. My sister is here visiting us for 10 days. So rather than having "free time" during Luke's nap I'm hangin' out with my sis. I promise there will be lots of pictures and a long update after she leaves and maybe if you're lucky a short post in between. We'll have plenty of pictures because I took about 20 yesterday and that was only after Luke got up from his nap. Anyway, patience is appreciated! Thanks!
PS-one side note: last night after dinner we all went for a walk. This includes Luke. He walked a loooooong way. There is a loop that we do that goes down our street and through our neighborhood; Sarah and I estimated it's probably 3/4 to 1 mile in length. Luke walked all but 100 yards of this! We asked repeatedly if he wanted to get in the stroller but he refused. His cheeks were bright red by the time we got home so he enjoyed a strawberry popsicle to cool off. What a way to burn off some energy!

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