Monday, June 21, 2010


It's officially here and it's been here in Oklahoma for a while it seems. The temperatures are ridiculously hot and the heat indices are killer. It makes going outside rather miserable and anyone that knows a toddler knows that's where they want to be in the summer. My freckles are the most noticeable they have been in a few years :)

Summer time is always so crazy busy for us. This summer is definitely no exception. We had another very busy weekend. Of course we celebrated Father's Day yesterday. Luke and Dad had fun times playing together and Luke enjoying helping Dad open his gifts and cards.
One of the highlights of the day was Troy getting Luke's new sandbox (an early birthday gift from Grammy and PawPaw) filled with sand. Unfortunately for Luke he didn't get to play long because he chose not to listen when we told him not to throw the sand. In all fairness though, he had no toys to play with in the sand so I wasn't overly surprised.

The other two big events of the weekend:
Saturday we went to Tulsa to help Rosie Dolezal celebrate her first birthday. It is very hard to believe that this sweet little girl is already one! Luke refused to take a nap all day so that was a bit challenging but the party was great fun and Rosie loved eating her cupcake and opening her presents.
Sunday afternoon the Biery family stopped by again on their way back home to Houston. Since the boys have birthdays close together we had an early celebration for each of them and the guys enjoyed watching the US Open. The boys also surprised us a bit when they started playing together rather than next to each other after dinner. It was very cute to watch- they helped each other with the trains and with a few puzzles. We enjoyed a yummy dinner (if I do say so myself): grilled pork tenderloin, green beans, roasted potatoes, bread and tomatoes with fresh mozzarella and basil. And after the boys went to bed the adults enjoyed brownies and ice cream and some more time to catch up. Great to see you guys!
I would like to say that we are going to be low key for next weekend but that's not going to be the case for at least a month. Not that I'm complaining because we have some fun weekends planned it's just that we don't seem to have much time to catch our breaths during the summer. Such is life. Here's to a lake weekend, celebrating Luke's birthday two weekends in a row in two different cities (along with July 4th) and a golf weekend for Troy, his dad and brother.

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