Monday, June 7, 2010

Fun Weekend!

We had a fun and partially relaxing weekend. Friday night was nothing exciting- just hanging out as a family which is always nice. Saturday my friend Erin came from Tulsa and we had a scrap weekend. It was awesome! We went out to lunch (with no kiddos); we went shopping for new scrapbooking goodies; and we stayed up until 2 am scraping. Then we scrapped some more on Sunday morning before she drove home. It was great to catch up on some older pictures of Luke. Thanks for coming Erin- it was great to see you!

Since I was occupied, Troy and Luke hung out. They played with Luke's train set which he has really been into the past few days; they played in the water caterpillar for the first time- it was a huge hit; and they went on a manly trip to Lowe's.
After Erin left on Sunday, we all relaxed and vegged out. Luke really took a nap, I finished the book I've been reading and Troy packed for his trip this week (he's gone until Wednesday night). When Luke woke up we all hung out in the family room and played with the trains together. Luke's coordination is so much better even within the last few weeks. It's amazing to see him learning new things everyday.

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