Thursday, May 19, 2011

Captiva Island, FL

Last week we went on a family vacation to Captiva Island, Florida. It was a wonderfully relaxing week of family time on the beach and in the pool. The only exceptions to those two activities was a quick trip to Sanibel Island to see the lighthouse and a boat trip for sightseeing and fishing. Sarah joined us on Wednesday afternoon which allowed Troy and I to have some moments of "us" time. We went out for a nice dinner one night and took a couple of quiet walks on the beach.

One of my favorite quotes from Luke which he said numerous times throughout the week, "We're doing 'it' (whatever activity we were up to) together guys!" He truly enjoyed having all of us together for so many consecutive days. More than likely Luke will not remember anything from this trip when he's older but Troy and I will have wonderful memories of our family trip to Florida.
Mother's Day with my munchkin on the beach :)
Chillin' in the pool
Having fun splashing with Dad
Watching the sunset
Luke absolutely loved playing in the waves with Dad.
We attempted to fly a kite--Luke enjoyed it for maybe a minute before he was done.
Family shot on the way to see the lighthouse.
"Look at my glasses Mom."
Walking to the beach
In the ocean
My favorite from the trip
Sharing a "shiny shell" find with Aunt Sarah
Mom and Luke actually caught a fish!
Dad caught 4 fish
Enjoying the ride
Mantees at the boat dock
Playing in the waves


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