Tuesday, August 9, 2011

21 Weeks

On Sunday I was 21 weeks pregnant. That means I only have 18 weeks until the scheduled c-section date. It seems like the last few weeks have gone by so fast. I'm hoping that continues to be the case.

So what's pregnancy like at 21 weeks? I'll tell you :)

*The baby is moving more and more every day or rather I feel it more and more every day. The last few days I've really been getting some good jabs. Troy was even able to feel a few of them over the weekend. I can also see my stomach move a little bit if I'm watching at the right time. I have even begun to notice a pattern of activity. The baby is definitely doing a happy dance right after I eat and also between 9 and about 10:30 at night. Early morning when I'm still lying in bed is another very active time.

*I've finally started to gain some weight. According to my scale, I've gained about 5 pounds at this point. I'm completely okay with this because it means the baby is growing as it should. I also feel like I've been doing a relatively good job at eating healthy food. I do have the occasional bad craving that I indulge but it doesn't happen too often.

*I am still having a pretty hard time dealing with the heat and can only be outside for about 20 minutes before I get overheated and have to come in (the exception to this is being in a pool in the shade). I also still get light-headed occasionally through the day and have to make sure I eat regularly.

*My dreams have become very intense the past couple of weeks. I would say that about 5 nights a week I wake up from much too vivid nightmares. I've always had weird dreams but I've never experienced such intense nightmares before--I don't like it because they often involve Luke and him getting hurt in some way that I am unable to prevent :( The nights I wake up from these nightmares I don't sleep too well because it is so hard to go back to sleep.

*I'm happy to report that Troy and I have chosen a girls name that we both agree on. The boys name is still a bit up for debate although Troy is definitely pulling hard for a name I like but I'm just not sure I like the combination of first name and middle name. I guess time will tell.

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