Monday, August 1, 2011


The final day--I made it!!! I'm really proud of myself for at a minimum completing a Week In The Life on my blog which I guess is what I originally set out to do. My hope is to start on the actual album part this afternoon while Luke is napping. This morning is a relief to not be worrying about taking pictures and writing down our activities but I do still notice myself taking notes in my head. Maybe an overall lesson from last week is to just remember to make some more mental notes about what we are up to and to pause a few more seconds to enjoy the small moments as they happen. I have learned several things about myself and my life during the last week and I plan to incorporate those lessons into my album (maybe I'll do another post about them later this week).

But this is a post about yesterday. So, yesterday. It was another fairly relaxing day for all of us. Troy did have to go to work in the morning but he was home again by 10:45--much earlier than expected. After a quick shower for me, we all went to the mall for lunch and some shopping. We all enjoyed another afternoon nap and then we just hung out as a family for the rest of the day. Troy and I took 77 pictures total.
My favorite moments of the day: We got Luke a hot dog and french fries from Sonic for lunch; he ate it all and looked like such a big kid with his hot dog and hat. I also really enjoyed putting puzzles together with Luke before Troy got home from work (Luke has really gotten into puzzles lately). Because it has been so ridiculously hot we haven't seen too many birds and squirrels in the backyard lately. Luke and I were very excited to see 4 cardinals flitting around the backyard after nap time. I love watching the creatures in the backyard with Luke.

A few quotes:
L: "Mom, are we going over the train tracks?" Luke asks this question every time we get in the car.

T: "Vroom him over to me," playing shake n go cars with Luke.

A: "Maggie, you got hair on my cheese." While I was having some cheese and crackers Maggie walked by and of course she managed to get some hair on the cheese.

T: "There's a Pteranadon on your bottom!" (referring to a sticker on Luke's bottom)

One other overheard note for the week: I absolutely love, love, love to hear Luke laugh and giggle. His laugh is so infectious and just pure joy. No matter what the situation he can always brighten my day with his smile and laugh.

A few other tidbits: Luke was Mr. Grumpy Pants until Troy got home from work and then it was the most perfect day (yep, I felt really loved--j/k); yesterday I was 20 weeks pregnant which means I'm halfway through (hooray!!!); I found it very interesting to realize that as the weekend progressed Troy seems to lose some of his authority with Luke just like I do on a daily basis; I am very grateful for a husband that will do some laundry and also that irons his own clothes without complaining--thanks babe!

Today's side note: As I was typing this blog Luke was playing with his dinosaurs and small plastic animals. He lined up all the animals (not sure how I missed getting a picture of cars in a line this past week) and then they all went for a walk around the family room. Luke told me that the zebra was telling him about her day. I asked what she had been up to. I got the following story:
The zebra was at home when a bear started to come in the house. The zebra and her mom and dad were all scared but they ran really, really fast and escaped but it made them very sad. The bear chased them to the lake and the zebras had to swim to get away. The bear couldn't swim so the zebras were able to get away for good.

I love my munchkin and his imagination!


dawn said...

Great pictures you have for Sunday. I like hearing the story along with the pictures. Congrats on 20 weeks, you look great. Looking forward to seeing your album, is it digital or paper?? Good luck on it.

Sarah said...

Hi!!! Wow, so great to read your week. There are so many details that are fun to read that we just don't think to share on the phone. Let's share more stories like this when we talk. LJ is getting to be such a big boy. Please tell him aunt Sarah says hello from the beach.