Thursday, November 17, 2011

35 Weeks

So I'm a bit late getting this picture posted this week--it's from Sunday when I was 35 weeks along. I've never been this pregnant before as Luke was born at 34 weeks and 4 days. Hooray for being more pregnant than ever before!

I am so glad this little girl is still growing and developing inside of me but I can definitely say that she is getting bigger and quickly running out of room (or at least that is how it seems). I constantly feel her moving around, punching me and generally letting her presence be known. It's so fun to watch my stomach moving around. Troy and Luke are enjoying the show as well.

At my midwife appointment yesterday I learned that she is currently in the ideal birthing position so I'm supposed to continue to sit and rest in the same positions I have been to encourage her to stay just like she is. Let's hope she does!

A couple of other tidbits about pregnancy right now:

*Sharp pains and numbness at the tops of my legs (that comes from the baby sitting on some nerves)
*My heartburn is at an all time high--I'm guessing this will last for a while.
*I've gained roughly 22 pounds total. I'm really pleased with this number. I don't know exactly how much I gained with Luke but I know it was over 35 pounds.
*I've been tired the last few weeks but it seems that if I can get 2-3 naps a week I do relatively well the rest of the week.
*Sleeping is difficult but I'm only waking up once a night to go to the bathroom if that--I'll take it.
*I'm super proud of myself for planning ahead. I currently have at least 15 meals in the freezer for after the baby is born. My goal is to make 3-4 meals a week that I can have leftovers to freeze so life will be easier the first month or so after baby's arrival. Go me! :)
*I haven't had any swelling of my feet yet. I had a bunch of swelling with Luke so I was really expecting some this time.
*My cravings seem to be increasing slightly. They include: cereal, hot drinks like hot chocolate or apple cider, sugar :(, and salads. Oh, I'm also having a hard time saying no to soda (this week has been better but I'd love to have a Coke right now).
*The baby's room is for the most part ready for her arrival. I'll do a post with pics of it soon (maybe; hopefully).

Oh, the last thing to share is that we (Troy, Luke and I) went on a tour of the hospital yesterday afternoon. It was a little rough for Luke after MDO but I feel SO much better about arriving at the hospital now. We never had the chance to take a tour before we had to rush to the hospital with Luke and so Troy and I were a bit anxious about it this time. Now we know where to go and what to expect as far as accomodations. We were both impressed with the birthing room. It's a big room with a couch/bed for Troy along with a table and nice rocking chair and the bathroom is also huge with a shower and soaking tub. The baby doesn't leave the room until I do which I'm also thrilled with (after having Luke rushed to the NICU after barely time to give him a kiss). I know that labor will be tough but I'm looking forward to having the chance to experience it and knowing where I'll be and what the set-up is I feel better about it.

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