Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Quake Update

So, we had another earthquake last night. There have actually been numerous aftershocks but last night's was the biggest measuring 4.7 on the Richter scale. It is also the only one I have felt since the big one on Saturday night.

And guess what?!?! Troy was home and he felt it. He was quite excited to check it off of his bucket list. He happened to be sitting on our bedroom floor unpacking his suitcase, I was in the family room watching TV and Luke was asleep. Troy and I met in the hallway because we were racing to each other to see if the other had felt the quake.

For me this one was so mild compared to Saturday. It lasted only 5-10 seconds compared to roughly a minute and there was no rattling of items, only the house shaking. I'm not saying that lightly but I was so glad it wasn't as strong. Troy said he was glad to experience one and now that he has he is done as well. He agreed with me that it is much more "intense" than you ever think it will be.

I have to add that yesterday in Oklahoma also saw numerous tornadoes (thankfully none close to us and no human injuries), thunderstorms and lots of flash flooding because we got over 6 inches of rain! I am really done with the natural disasters! Unfortunately aftershocks are still a very real possibility and I know that the tornadoes and thunderstorms will be back in the spring. Such is the life in Oklahoma.

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