Wednesday, November 30, 2011

37+ Weeks

As of today I am 37 weeks and 3 days pregnant. That means there are only 18 days until my due date. I'm still hoping that this precious little girl comes earlier though. I would be thrilled with an arrival any day now. I know that she will come exactly when she is supposed to but I'm constantly telling her I'm ready for her to be here.

The first pic above is at 36 weeks and the second is from this past Sunday. It's hard to tell in the pictures because of the clothes I have on but I do think that she has dropped a bit. Nothing dramatic yet but I can breathe a bit easier and I seem to have more room in my stomach. Even since the Sunday pic I feel like she's a smidge lower still.

Today I had a massage in an effort to possibly help labor start. It was a fantastic massage that I truly enjoyed. I was surprised to learn that up to 60% of clients who have a massage past 37 weeks will go into labor within 24-48 hours. Bring on the contractions!

I also had an appointment with my midwife today. Unfortunately baby girl has turned so that her back is against my back. The ideal birthing position is for her back to be against my stomach. There is no doubt that she likes to move a bunch so with a little help from me hopefully she'll turn back around. The good news is that my body is very slowly but surely making a bit of progress toward labor. I have started to dilate just a smidge (I'm not even at 1 cm but it's further along than last week). I'll take it!

Just a few other notes/complaints: I'm still having a bunch of trouble with her sitting on my nerves and my legs going numb but that's my biggest complaint. I guess the heartburn hasn't improved much but I'm so used to it by now it doesn't bother me too much. Sleeping is difficult but again that's just part of being pregnant. One final complaint: I am very ready to be out of maternity clothes. I know it will take a while after the baby is born to be in normal size pants but there are some shirts I can't wear anymore because they don't come down low enough to cover my whole belly--that's annoying when your wardrobe is already limited.

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