Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Random Notes

Just a few quick tidbits:

*Hannah rolled over for the first time on Monday.  She has yet to repeat her manuver.
*Luke tried to teach Hannah how to give butterfly kisses tonight before dinner.
*Hannah has changed her beautiful, wonderful, amazingly awesome schedule.  Until last Thursday she was sleeping a minimum of 8 hours at night and then my bubble burst big time.  Last night was the best night since with almost 6 hours.  I'm still not complaining though because for 12 weeks I think that is fantastic.
*Luke had five 5-star days last week :)
*I signed up for my first parent/teacher conference today.  I'm anxious to see what Luke's MDO teachers have to say about where he is academically for his age.
*Luke filled out his own basketball bracket tonight with Troy.  His final two: Duke and Georgetown.
*The weather has been beautiful this week.  We have enjoyed numerous trips to different parks, taken several walks and enjoyed time in the backyard.
*My children look so much alike--it's a tad bit scary!  Just check out this picture (which I completely adore by the way):

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