Thursday, March 1, 2012

Goings On

I know, I know, I know--it's been a while. I'm behind on my weekly updates but I'm not sure that's the way to go for me. I like to write posts when I feel like it not because a week has gone by in our lives. This is hopefully going to be a quick post because Hannah is on the floor sucking away at her hand (in other words she is hungry). We'll see how much time I get.

Recent happenings here in the Johnson household:

*Hannah was 2 months old last Wednesday. I meant to do a post about that but it just didn't happen. At her check-up she weighed 12 pounds 2 ounces and was 23 inches long. That puts her in the 75% for both categories. Other milestones include scooting around on her back, grasping at items (especially her cloth diapers), relatively good head control, starting to sit up with some support, likes to stand or rather put some pressure on her feet/legs with obvious help and starting to wear some 6 month clothes. Hannah also loves to suck on her hands; she will occassionally go for her binky but she definitely prefers her hand or a cloth diaper. Two other items of note: Hannah loves to be moving. By that I mean moving in someone's arms, moving in the car or the stroller and moving around by herself on the floor. She also loves to be naked. If she's fussy we can put her on the floor and take off her clothes and she is instantly happy. Troy is a bit concerned about what this means for later in her life :)

*Hannah has been talking a bunch and I mean a bunch. Her favorite person to talk to is none other than her big brother. They have really been interacting well the last few weeks. Luke figured out that she loves to be tickled and he loves the smiles and coos he gets in response.

*Hannah does not have much of a defined schedule yet. Although thankfully she is sleeping for a minimum of 4 hours at night. It's typically more like 6 and last night she slept for 9 hours. She is still sleeping in the bouncer so she is upright and she is also still in our bedroom. I plan to put her in her room starting tonight since she's been doing so well.

*Luke has really been into letters lately. He is constantly asking what letter a word starts with or what word starts with a specific letter. Luke's favorite letters are L-U-K-E and he is always pointing them out to us. He can write his name by himself although the K looks more like an E.
*Luke also has his own house. Yes, I said that right. He has his own house or at least he pretends that he does. For a while it was close to ours but on our way to take Sarah to the airport last week he sold that one and bought one closer to the airport so he could see more jets. Apparently at this house of his (that cost 5 pennies) he has a dog and a cat that are both named Doe (at least I think that's what he is saying). I just asked him to tell me their names again and his response was, "Philbert and Philbert. I changed their names again." Oh I love the imagination. He also has a big boat. We hear about this house daily especially at times when things aren't going exactly the way Luke would like.

*We have had a few visitors lately. My sister was here from February 18-21. She was here to help me out while Troy was gone for two nights in Houston--thank you Sarah. Luke had fun baking cookies with her and we also made some melted crayon art. Troy's parents were here from last Friday through Sunday. They were supposed to stay until Monday but unfortunately I came down with strep throat so they left early. We did manage to go to the natural history museum in Norman to see the dinosaurs on Saturday as well as going out to dinner. Even though it was a short visit I know they enjoyed the time with kids.

Just a note about the time for this to be completed: I started it at 1:31 and it's now 7:57. I worked on it three seperate times within that window.

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