Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More Pics

I know I've said this before but I love that my phone takes such good pictures.  It really allows me to capture more everyday moments.  Enjoy again!
June 8:  Tired girl watching her brother play
June 8:  First time asleep on her back in her crib
June 10:  Celebrating Grandma's birthday
June 10:  Cute!
June 11:  Trying to get a pic of her first tooth--look hard, it's there on her bottom right
June 13:  So sweet!!!
June 13:  Quiet time in his room which he didn't want to do; I found him fast asleep under his bed when I went to get him
June 16:  The train we saw at the Farmer's Market Saturday morning
June 16:  Slip-n-Slide (not sure who had more fun)
June 16:  Hangin' out with Grandpa
June 16:  Celebrating Sarah's birthday
June 16:  How to calm a very fussy baby

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