Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer List

In an effort to not do the same thing day after day this summer Luke and I (mostly me) came up with a list of different activities to do throughout the summer.  Here it is:
  1. Go to the swimming pool
  2. Play in the sprinkler
  3. Celebrate Luke's birthday
  4. Visit Grammy and PawPaw
  5. Visit Grandma and Grandpa J.
  6. Spend the night with Grandma and Grandpa H.
  7. Go to the library
  8. Have a camp out in the backyard
  9. Go to a new park
  10. Eat dinner outside
  11. Go to the zoo
  12. Draw with sidewalk chalk
  13. Make tye-dye t-shirts
  14. Go on a family vacation
  15. Make at least 7 big art projects
  16. Go on a big bug hunt
  17. Have a water gun fight
  18. Fly a kite
  19. Handprint/Footprint art
  20. Make a bird feeder
  21. Do a scavenger hunt
  22. Build a huge fort
  23. Make our own playdough
  24. Play in the rain
  25. Watch the clouds
  26. Go fishing
  27. Have a car wash
  28. Build a volcano
  29. Go to Myriad Gardens
  30. Go berry picking
Most of this list is stuff we would do already but it's fun to keep track of it and have a list in case we do get bored.  So far we have gone swimming, picked blackberries, been to the zoo and the library and played in the sprinkler.  Enjoy your summer!

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