Monday, June 11, 2012

Pool and Berries

Last week my mom was here to help me out since Troy was in Houston all week.  She was here from Sunday afternoon until Thursday morning.  I was so grateful to have her here especially with how fussy Hannah was because of her tooth coming in.  Luke had big plans for Grammy.  He wanted to check off a few activities on our Summer Fun list while she was here.  So we did.  

Last Monday afternoon we went to the pool for about 2 hours.  It was Hannah's first time at the pool and she loved it!  She had great fun kicking her legs and splashing with her hands.  And there were tons of new things to watch and see as well.  Luke, of course, is an old pro and again showed no fear of the water.  He even walked toward the deeper water all by himself and got in over his head a bit.  Of course Grammy was right there to save him.  He practically threw himself down the slides and jumped in countless times.

Tuesday morning after a bit of a late start we went to pick blackberries.  Luke and I have done this once before and he wasn't too into it so I wasn't sure if he would like it but he did.  It was a bit hot but we were pretty much the only people at the berry patch.  Hannah hung out with me in the moby wrap for a while but then she got too hot and went to sit with Grammy in the shade while Luke and I finished picking our berries.  The owner said we might have a hard time finding berries but we went down 3 rows and we collected almost 3 pounds of blackberries.  It was the perfect amount for us.  I froze most of them to make muffins with later in the year.  
We did a few other fun things while Grammy was here too.  Luke played in his pool here at home and Grammy squirted him with a giant new water gun.  We had a picnic dinner at the park and got frozen yogurt.  We were sad for Grammy to leave.  It was a great visit.

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