Sunday, September 30, 2012

K-State v OU

Last weekend Luke got to experience his first K-State football game.  Troy and I were hoping that it would happen in Manhattan but that hasn't worked out so when Todd and Georgia asked if we wanted to go to the game with them in Norman we agreed.  We were a bit hesitant about picking OU for his first game because we were assuming that we wouldn't win.  Well as it turned out that was wrong!  The game was awesome and we won 24-19!  KSU won in Norman which is the first time Bob Stoops has lost at home to a ranked opponent.  Just in case you didn't know he used to be an assistant coach under Bill Synder :)  

The game didn't start until 7 so we were a bit concerned about how long Luke would last.  He did awesome!  He didn't get tired until the end of the third quarter and he sat on my lap for almost the rest of the game.  We had decided before the game that we would probably leave about 5 minutes into the 4th quarter to beat some of the traffic; our plans changed when we were winning and we stayed for the whole game.  Luke entertained himself during the game by flirting with some girls behind us (they were OU fans unfortunately), watching Willie and yelling at him, giving us all repeated high 5's, and eating as much junk as we would let him.  Oh and he did watch some of the football too :)  I asked him what his favorite part of the game was on Sunday and he said when they kicked the ball really high.

One other story I have to tell regarding the evening.  Troy and I guessed that Luke would be asleep in 10 minutes or less on our way home.  Definitely not the case!  He talked non-stop and I mean truly non-stop for 40 minutes!  I'm sure he was feeling the excitement from the win.  Two different times I asked if he wanted to play the quiet game.  His response, "Well, I have a really long story to tell you about my dog and cat and the dinosaurs.  I probably won't finish before I go to bed because it's so long.  I can finish it tomorrow morning when I wake up."  And off into the story he went.  I couldn't tell you a thing about it though because I was so tired.
I missed this but apparently Luke loved meeting Willie!
 Luke doesn't like loud noises--Troy came up with this solution.  Luke thought they were so cool.
Excited fans!

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