Thursday, February 28, 2013


Here's February in a list:

*Luke was really sick.
*Mom was really sick.
*Hannah turned 14 months and has 14 teeth.
*We enjoyed Valentine's day with a family dinner, yummy dessert and a few gifts.
*Troy took a weekend photography class.
*Luke had one day off of school because of snow.
*Hannah played in the snow for the first time.
*Troy moved to a new office building.
*Luke continues to make at least one new train track a day.
*Grandma and Grandpa Johnson come for a less than 24 hour visit (the weather forecast changed drastically).
*We all were hoping for another snow day which didn't happen.
*The upstairs furnace was out for 2 days.  Thankfully is wasn't too cold outside.

Some recent quotes of Luke:
*Walking into the library, Luke was holding onto the stroller and he just randomly says, "Mom, Hannah is my best friend." 
*Talking with Grandma J. in the car about what he could be when he grows up; we drove by a person waving a street sign and she says you could do that and Luke replies, "I want to be a Chick-Fil-A food maker!"  

New words for Hannah:
*Daisy (the cat)
*Moo (as in cow)
*She is still jabbering constantly and knows exactly what she's saying.  I know I'm really going to miss it when she stops.

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