Thursday, February 28, 2013

Snow Day!

On the 12th we had enough snow to be able to go out and play and build a snow man.  Luke was super excited after school when I told him I had everything ready to go at home so we could go out.  We even talked about the hot chocolate and marshmallows that would follow.  I should also say that Hannah really enjoyed watching the snow fall throughout the day.
After getting ourselves all bundled up, Luke, Hannah and I headed outside.  This was Hannah's first experience in the snow.  She wasn't able to walk too well and wasn't too sure she liked it.  She and I stayed outside long enough for me to help LJ get a snowman going and that was about it.  Because she kept falling over, her hands got wet pretty fast even with mittens.  Once that happened she was way done.  Luke stayed outside for over an hour.  Watching him through the window was fun--I was reminded of myself sitting/playing outside in the snow by myself when I was about 8.  (A quick side note: Luke has reminded me a lot of myself lately in his actions and what he says.  He is without question his mother's son.)

As promised, once inside and changed, Luke enjoyed a nice cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows and even some Valentine sprinkles.
 Going down the slide when it's snowing makes it super fast!

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