Thursday, February 28, 2013


 2-2: Hugs for Dad
 2-3: My get well picture from Luke.  Notice that he wrote my name (all by himself without asking how to spell it or anything). :)
 2-7: "Bye, Bye!"  Hannah loves to grab her purse and pretend like she leaving.
 2-10: Family park time
 2-15: First time drawing/coloring; look closely at her mouth and you'll see where most of the color went.
 2-16: Hannah loves to comb her hair (at least what she has of it).
 2-17: Up in a tree
 2-20: Hannah was SO proud of herself for figuring out how to unzip her pj's and take off her diaper.  The next day when she did it her diaper was more than just wet.  She now has masking tape around her diaper every night to prevent that event from happening again.
 2-23: Hugs for Grandma
 2-25: Scratches for Maggers
2-27: Cheese

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