Monday, July 6, 2015

April Events and Happenings

April 1: Hannah and I went to surprise LJ with McDonald's after gymnastics.
 April 2: Luke's spring party at school--I was in charge of the craft (decorating eggs with wet chalk).  The highlight was the egg hunt though.
 LJ's friends Aubrey and Hunter
 April 3: We went to KC for a long Easter weekend.  Our first morning went to an art store where you can choose between several crafts.  LJ picked sand art and Hannah painted a wooden container.
 In the afternoon we went to the park although it was a little chilly.
April 4: The next morning we went to the zoo.  The highlights were the polar bear and most definitely the penguins--we watched the penguins for at least a half an hour.
 April 5: Easter Day--we spent the day at the Boetcher's with the Masonbrinks (our tradition to spend Easter with them continues).
 Crashing hard on the way home
 April 8: H still loves gymnastics especially swinging!
 April 10: Luke's "Bunnies" Program at school.  It was super cute!
 Back row in the center
 April 10: Daisy loves to lay in the sun by the back door.
 April 10: We love, love, love our Japanese maple out our kitchen window.  It's constantly changing colors during the different seasons.
 April 13-18: Troy and I went on a last minute trip to Jamaica.  Dad and Frankie stayed with the kids while we were gone.  Our trip was extended a day when we missed our connection into Jamaica on our way there (not a good day but we made it the next).  We had a great time just enjoying each other's company and relaxing for 4 days.  It was a nice break for us both!
 April 19: We went back to our old neighborhood to play with friends and Luke really had fun helping build this fort.
 April 21: The "dinosaur" park after school--this is the kids' favorite park in the spring because in the summer it gets too hot.
 We came home and then they colored the curb on the driveway with sidewalk chalk.
 April 22: More gymnastics
 April 24: Friday morning snuggles with H
 April 24:  OCA has an annual auction and each class is supposed to have a project that each student participates in.  I volunteered (sort of) to be in charge of Luke's class project and putting together the items from his class for the auction.  Each student used one color and they filled in OK with their fingerprints.  I was hugely surprised at the auction.  Two moms were going back and forth on the silent auction paper for this and so the auctioneer made it a live auction item.  Would you believe that the bidding got as high as $1800?  I was standing with LJ's teacher and she suggested that we make another one.  So I interrupted the auctioneer and said if both moms would pay $1500 I would have the kids make a second one.  So the kids and I made another one.  Whoa!
 April 25: Watching LJ's team
 April 25:  Our first baseball game of the summer
 April 28: Luke attempting no training wheels.
 April 28: Sweet Magger Moo
 April 29: More gymnastics
 And another lunch with LJ after gymnastics
 April 29: The "duck" park after school to see all the ducklings.

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