Friday, July 10, 2015

7 Year Old Questionnaire

Seven, Luke is seven!  I can't believe seven years ago at 5:41 am I became a mom.  I love this questionnaire and how some answers have changed so much over time and others are still the same.  I know I'll treasure these questionnaires in years to come.

How old are you? 7
How tall are you? Um, can we get a measure. (which we didn't do)
How much do you weigh? Um, I'm gonna go check that out. (runs to the scale)  He says, "4-7-0."  (47.0 lbs)
What is your favorite toy? Dinosaur Legos
Favorite book? How to Train Your Dragon
Favorite movie? Um, How to Train Your Dragon
Favorite TV show? Um, uh, Odd Squad and Wild Kratts
Favorite food?  french toast
Favorite fruit? cantaloupe
Favorite snack? fruit snacks
Favorite drink? milk
Favorite activity? build Legos
Favorite color? green
Favorite sport? soccer
Favorite song? Shake it Off (Taylor Swift)
Favorite animal? every (asked to pick one one) He said, "No, I like all animals too much."
Favorite game? I've got to think about that.  Um, the Lego Chase game. (Lego City Alarm)
Favorite outfit? green
Favorite holiday? I can't decide.  They're all really good.
What do you need in bed when it's time to go to sleep? pillow doggy and blankie
Best Friend? Aubrey (friend at school)
When I grow up I want to be? a Lego maker and maybe a movie maker
Nicknames? Munchkin, Kiddo, Lukester, Lukey
Thing I am really good at? making Legos

Some other stats:
Clothing size: tops are 6/7 and bottoms are 5 slim or 6 slim 
Shoe size: 12 1/2
Height: 48" (based on being able to go on ride's at Frontier City--amusement park)
Weight: 48 lbs

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