Thursday, July 2, 2015

March Events and Happenings

March 1: Cozy snuggle time on the couch
March 4: Hangin out with Dad in the office with some super cute pigtails
March 5: Reading the Lego Club magazine on his own
March 8: I went on a scrapbook retreat weekend.  This is a wonderful group of ladies and we always have a great time together!
March 9: Snuggles with mom
March 10: Troy was out of town.  Luke had soccer practice and we'd just had a ton of rain.  In a effort to maintain clean shoes and provide entertain I brought Hannah's bike to practice.  She rode around on the sidewalks for almost an hour.  
March 11: Some swingset time after school
March 12: Luke had a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese and Hannah came along for the ride.  Both kids had such an awesome time!
March 13: Watching Mary Poppins along with some more snuggle time
March 14: LJ's soccer game
 March 15: One of many dance parties we have
 March 15: Looking very grown up and wanting to play soccer just like Luke
 March 15: Kids helped me make chocolate chip muffins
 March 15 (it was a busy day): Snuggles and tickles with dad
 Another March 15: Cutest hard-hat wearer I've ever seen
 March 17: During Spring Break, we did numerous Pinterest crafts.  The kids made tissue paper rainbows with pots of gold for St. Patrick's Day. I love Luke's tongue--it's what he does when he's concentrating.
 March 18: My friend Leslie and I went to Paint Your Art Out to paint some water lilies.  I think they turned out well.
 March 19: Painting the fabric batik project (again the tongue)
 March 21: Celebrating Grandpa's birthday
 March 22: Both kids helped me get some seeds planted to get our garden growing early inside.  Well, we had no luck with any of our seeds.  
 March 24: Driveway time
 March 25: Swinging after school at the park
 March 26: She basically put the puzzle together all by herself.  She was super proud!
 March 28: Maggie really enjoys driveway time too.  Big girl on her big bike.
 March 29: Finally getting to the finishing touches on the swing set.
 March 30:  Hannah and I went to the park and had no idea all of the tulips were blooming.  She let me get a few pictures before she had to swing (still her absolute favorite!).

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