Monday, January 11, 2010

18 Months Old!?!?

Really is Luke that old already?!? I've said it many times before but time goes so fast. I can not believe that Luke is a year and a half old as of yesterday.

So, what's Luke like at 18 months old, you might ask? Well, here is a summary. I could never put into words what a joy he is every single day and how much more Troy and I get out of life because Luke is our son. What a wonderful blessing from above!

*Luke still loves bath time and will rush into our bathroom to turn on the water himself if we mention the word bath. I've noticed though that he does it like it much if water gets in his eyes.
*His current favorite toys: Legos (or any blocks really), guitar, puzzles and a set of 12 tiny books. He also loves to sit at the picnic table he got for Christmas and draw on his magnetic drawing board.
*Luke's newest words include: apple, nana (banana), see ya (one of our favorites), up (as a request), cracker (I hear this one probably 30 or more times a day), okie (cookie), be bop (as in the song), b-ball (basketball), diaper, spoon and many more I'm not thinking of right now.
*Luke is currently going through an incredibly picky eating stage. The reason I hear cracker so much is because that is his favorite food group right now and yes crackers are a food group just ask Luke. There have been a few days were he has eaten little else except for goldfish crackers. We are still have a very hard time with veggies- he'll eat the baby food kind occasionally and as for the real thing, next to impossible. Thankfully he loves milk and has 2-3 sippy cups a day.
*He has been trying to open doors for a while now but it's becoming more frequent. If Maggie is outside, Luke's hand is on the doorknob.
*He will let us know when his diaper needs to be changed. He will even lay down on the floor for us before we ask.
*Luke's current favorite book: "Pat the Bunny" He will go through all the actions including rubbing your face to feel the scratchy beard (he gets better results on this one if Dad is reading it).
*He loves going to MDO and playing with the other kiddos.
*Luke has been singing a bunch lately- nothing we know or understand although sometimes it sounds like the ABC's.
*Luke loves to help us. Closing drawers, cabinets, the refrigerator or even picking up his toys will always get a smile. One of the cutest things he's doing is saying uh-oh every time he sees something open or out of place. He also says uh-oh if he sees something he's not supposed to touch like the tv remote or a cell phone.
*Finally, Luke is still a very happy go lucky, smiley little boy that makes us smile every day.

I can't forget to show you what an adorable little boy he is now can I. Here are some pictures from over the weekend. I picked up the bouncy ball at Target on Saturday and Luke loves it!

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Jordan Sanders said...

Love the update! He sounds like such a good, happy toddler! Hopefully he and Emmy can meet sometime and he can teach her everything he knows: good or bad.