Monday, January 18, 2010

Sick Again!

So Luke was sick again over the weekend. It actually started late on Thursday when I took Luke's temperature to find it was 102.5 degrees. It was too late to go to the doctor by then and I was really worried he had an ear infection because his right ear was bright red. Thankfully he slept relatively well only waking up twice. When he woke up on Friday morning his temp was 103.2- not good. The doctor couldn't see us until 12:15 so Luke had some Tylenol and we chilled on the couch. As it turned out, it wasn't an ear infection but an infection in his throat. The doctor didn't call it strep but I'm guessing it was similar. So off to Target we went to fill his amoxicillin prescription. Luke took a super nap on Friday afternoon and he slept through the night; however, Saturday morning was a little rough. Luke woke up at 6:45 am and still had a temperature and it seemed that his throat was really bothering him. Poor little guy was inconsolable for about 2 hours when of all things Goldfish crackers satisfied him. After his snack we all took a short nap before he woke up crying again. Thankfully he settled down pretty fast but he still didn't want to be more than a couple of feet away from me (your mom is always the best when you don't feel good). Another good nap in the afternoon and by dinner time he seemed to be feeling better although his temperature didn't break until during the night. Yesterday you could hardly tell he had been sick other than the extra nap he took in the morning. And today Luke is back to his regular happy, smiley self!

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