Thursday, January 28, 2010

Prayer Request

So, I don't normally post serious topics on here. This one is serious. I am asking for prayers for my Mom. She had a colonoscopy this morning and the results weren't good. The doctor was pretty sure he found some cancer. We won't know for sure until the biopsy results come in but either way she is going to have to have surgery to remove the growth. She is scheduled to have a CT scan on Monday to make sure there isn't anything else to worry about and she is meeting with a surgeon on February 9th to talk about removing the growth.

I have to say this totally caught me off guard- no one is ever prepared to hear the word cancer. Thankfully, the growth is small and it was caught early. My Mom is a strong lady and there’s no doubt that she will come through this just fine; however, all prayers and good thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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