Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Asleep in the Chair

I absolutely love what I am about to share! It has happened maybe a total of 5 times in Luke's life but today's event was completely unexpected. He fell asleep in his highchair during lunch. You might think that's not a big deal but it was so cute and so funny at the same time. It was totally out of left field because he was happily eating a cookie I had just given him when I picked up my plate to take it to the sink and I turned around and he was out. It was surprising for two reasons, one, Luke hadn't acted tired all morning and two, how do you fall asleep with a cookie in your hand? And, Luke loves his cookies, what kid doesn't? The situation became even more comical. After quickly taking a few pictures, how can you not, I went to load the dishes in the dishwasher and I woke Luke up which was my intention (we can not mess up the afternoon nap schedule now can we). He was startled when he woke up but he grabbed his sippy cup, took a drink of milk and continued eating his cookie. Well, at least he tried to- he fell back asleep for a second time. This time the cookie was still in his hand and his hands were pretty close to his mouth. I took a few more pictures and then woke him up. I had to rub his hand to keep him awake to eat the cookie which he really wanted to do because he went straight back to it the second time he woke up. Luke did finish the cookie and then played a bit before nap time but he went down for his nap early and I imagine he will take a nice, long nap this afternoon. I normally wouldn't post 4 pictures that are so similar but they show the progression so well and they are all so sweet. Enjoy- I certainly did!

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