Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas at Home

So these are just a few (of the huge quantity) of the pictures from our Christmas celebration at home. Troy's parents and my sister were here from December 23 until the 27th. Thankfully they made it before the huge snow storm hit on Christmas Eve. We were unable to go to church because the roads were so bad and almost all services were canceled. We ended up watching a service on-line from Kansas City on Christmas Eve. We all decided it's much more meaningful to actually be in the church.

This is actually a week before Christmas when Luke finally decided the Santa hat was pretty cool.
Luke had a terrible cold the entire week of Christmas. This was taken on Christmas Eve and I believe shows exactly how he's feeling- poor guy!
We let Luke open 2 gifts on Christmas Eve.
Reading "The Night Before Christmas"
Santa duty for Dad and Grandpa
Luke was pretty overwhelmed Christmas morning. It took him a while to get in the groove of ripping open his gifts.
Luke loves Thomas the Train and Dad HAD to buy on Oil Derrick for Luke's train set.
Opening a gift with Aunt Sarah.
Grandma reading a new book to Luke.
This is the picnic table that Troy and I got Luke. He loves it!

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