Sunday, July 18, 2010

Life with a 2 year old

Okay so this is mainly for my memory but you might enjoy learning what Luke is doing these days as a two year old. We had his 2 year check-up last Monday. Luke weighed 25 lbs 13.5 oz- basically 26 lbs. That puts him just below the 50th percentile which actually surprised me. I thought it would have been lower. He is also 33 1/4 inches tall which was between the 25-50 percentile.

*Luke is still refusing most solid vegetables except the ones that aren't so good for you- french fries. The exception to this is Chinese food which cracks me up. I can't fix it though; we have to go to Panda Express for the veggies to satisfy Luke's very picky vegetable palate.
*Outside, outside, outside. Playing in the pool, playing in the sandbox, playing on the new swing set, riding on his new fire engine or just checking to see what's going on around him- Luke is all about outside.
*Luke's vocabulary amazes me. I hear at least 1 new word every day usually more. One of the newest and a favorite of mine is food. Instead of telling me he's hungry, Luke will say, "Food, Momma." Also if he wants a specific kind of food, "Rice food, Momma. Rice food." It's absolutely adorable!
*Luke is also speaking in mostly sentences now. Of course they're not very complex but they are sentences which is also amazing especially when he uses a new word in a sentence. Smart boy!
*Potty training is on the horizon I think. Every now and then Luke will ask to sit on Elmo (we have a potty seat with Elmo on it). He's also very good at telling me if he's wet. I'm not pushing this because I've been told by numerous sources that Luke'll give me more clear signs of when he's ready. So for now, we wait.
*Luke is still absolutely loving music! He loves to sing on his own or with someone. His current favorite is Wheels on the Bus complete with actions. I'm hoping to catch it on video soon because it's so fun to watch. Luke also really enjoys playing the harmonica. He's quite good so I'll see if I can't get some video of that as well.
*By far Luke's current favorite toy: all of his Thomas the Train engines and track. He plays with it for at least an hour a day. Other favorites include: anything outside, helicopters, cars and just more recently crayons and drawing.
*The terrible 2's hit our house a bit early I would say- probably about 3-4 months ago. Luke has really developed an attitude and wants it his way now. I'm sure that this could be worse but we won't be sad when this phase is over.
*Luke's schedule hasn't changed much over the past 8 months. He still gets up between 8 and 9 (yes my boy likes to sleep in) and he takes anywhere from a 1 1/2 hr to 3 1/2 hr nap in the afternoon and he goes to bed between 8 and 8:30. I have absolutely no complaints about Luke's schedule- he is an awesome sleeper. Thank you Luke!
*Luke has really come to understand who people are lately. He recognizes voices on the phone and will ask about people we haven't seen for a while. Grandparents are an absolute favorite along with other close family members. If there is someone around Luke knows well it's all about them doing things for him. A common line, "No Momma, Grandma do it." It provides a nice break for me if we have company but it makes life a little tough after the company leaves.

I could go on forever about Luke and how awesome he is and what joy he brings to our lives. Thank you to all for your love and support of our little piece of the world.

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