Thursday, July 15, 2010

Picture Update

Pictures from the last month. Hopefully I can get Luke's birthday party pictures on here this weekend. Enjoy!
Having fun with Benjamin- they were trying to figure out how to get on top of the table and if I would let them.
In Branson with Sarah and Wesley. We were getting ready to ride go-carts. Sarah won but Wesley and I both agree that she cheated.
First time swimming in the lake. Luke loved being in the water and it was a great workout for my legs.
Taking a nap with Dad on the boat. Luke was a real trouper that afternoon. He was hot and tired but he never got too fussy.
At the park with Mom and Aunt Sarah. Luke really enjoyed feeding the ducks. I was concerned he was going to throw himself in along with the bread.
In Grammy and PawPaw's backyard in KC. Luke had fun playing in the pool and running through the sprinkler.
Tickling PawPaw.
Trying to fasten the seat belt on the Chinook helicopter. It required much concentration.
Looking in one of the windows on the Chinook.
Playing with the awesome new water table Grandma and Grandpa Johnson gave Luke for his birthday.
Helping Dad mow the grass.

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