Sunday, October 10, 2010

Inevitable has Arrived

Last night when I checked on Luke before going to bed and also this morning when Troy went to get Luke, he wasn't in bed. Last night he was asleep on the floor with his pile of cloth diapers and stuffed animals and this morning Troy said Luke's bed was cold and it looked like he was sleeping on the floor again. Luke was quiet about getting out of bed and I don't think he played much so that part is not a big deal but I'm worried about him getting cold. He doesn't like his covers much anyway but his bed has to be warmer than the floor. Troy suggested putting a blanket on the floor for him but I don't want to encourage him to get out of bed. I suppose as long as he's getting the sleep he needs I shouldn't worry about it but I'm a mom so that isn't always possible :)

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Anonymous said...

He's taking after his least he's not pulling the sheet off the bed...yet. ;)