Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

My mom and step-dad, a.k.a. Grammy and PawPaw, were here for the weekend and yesterday after lunch we went to the pumpkin patch. It turned out not to be a true pumpkin patch which was disappointing but we did have fun. There were several activities: a petting zoo, tractors to play on, a hayride (we skipped this though), a tire swing and "rope" swing, a corn field maze and a haybale maze, plus roasting marshmallows and choosing a pumpkin. Since all of this was during Luke's naptime, we were prepared for meltdown which did happen after about an hour and fifteen minutes. That worked out great though because the temperatures were warmer than we were hoping they would be and it was time for some air conditioning.
A family shot before the fun began.
We got some food for the petting zoo and we happened to be the first people into the zoo with food. Let's just say that the animals were a bit hungry and the goats knocked Luke over at least twice.
Running through the haybale maze.
Definitely the highlight for me! Luke LOVED this swing and I enjoyed his happy giggles.
A group shot.
Luke's first time roasting marshmallows--they were much enjoyed!
Our ticket price included a small pumpkin and Luke had fun picking his out.

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