Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stealth Mode

Last night when I went to check on Luke before going to bed, Troy decided to come with me. He usually doesn't do this but I'm so glad he did last night. When we get to Luke's room he was not in bed (no surprise there now) but the rest of it is sooo funny. He's laying on the floor next to his bed on a K-State blanket (I decided I didn't want him to be cold) with his animals and cloth diapers like usual but he had his head half way under his bed and in among the animals and diapers were all of his socks he had pulled out of the drawer and seperated. The poor boy bumped his head on his bed because he sort of woke up when we came in--thankfully it must not have hurt much because I picked him up and put him in bed and he went right back to sleep. Troy and I had to try really hard not to laugh at all the socks. After coming back downstairs, we decided two things last night: one, Luke is very quiet and stealth about his night-time activities (because we heard nothing last night) and two, he is becoming ever so much more adventurous in those activities. Neither of those is good. Troy suggested that one night we might walk in to find the light on with Luke surrounded by books--definitely not out of the realm of possibility.
A side note: I'm pretty sure I figured out why Luke decided it would be fun to sleep on the floor. Last Wednesday as I was packing his backpack for MDO, I realized they take their naps on mats on the floor. I'm sure Luke thinks that's cool and thus he sleeps on the floor.

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